Give a big welcome to a lightly fluffy and beautiful gray and white girl just under a year who is looking for someone to show her that they love her. With excellent manners, a quiet yet playful demeanor, and extraordinary good looks, Flurrie is longing for her own home, and there must be a home longing for a kitty like Flurrie!

Yes, Flurrie can be adopted into a home with another cat, or she can be your one and only. Flurrie has no preference as long as she is loved.


br> Spotlight on Moon Beam, a beautiful white and gray kitty just under a year old who would do well as an only cat in a quiet home, or with another good mannered kitty looking for a peaceful and loving best friend. This sweet and demure girl would be so grateful to finally find her very own home!

You can visit Moon Beam at Pet Valu at 55 Westport Avenue in Norwalk.



To go from a once fearful abandoned cat, to a cat who has the mindfulness to play, is only due to a foster home willing to give a chance to someone in need - and what a difference this has made to sweet Bonnie!

A gorgeous tortie with huge green eyes, who was so quiet and introspective when FOF first took her in, Bonnie's now blossomed into a chatty, affectionate, confidant and playful girl in her new foster home. It turns out all she needed was a little bit of love and a few small toys and how simple is that? Between 6 and 8 years of age, this sweet beauty is longing for a home of her own.



Meet Mariana, a beautiful young tabby with white feet and chest, and sparkling green eyes. Just in from the cold, this super friendly girl was just not equipped to live outside but luckily for her, a kind person interfered on Mariana's behalf and not one moment too soon. Weighing less than she should and yes, that is a touch of frostbite on the tips of her ears, but nevertheless, this extraordinary kitty adores people.

Mariana loves being held and carried around. She's quietly chatty and oh so huggable. She doesn't want competition after all she's been through so if you want just one affectionate and grateful, loving cat, Mariana might be just the girl for you!



Meet our beautiful Bailey, a lynx point, blue-eyed Snowshoe. Friends of Felines was absolutely astonished to find this handsome and sensitive kitty living outside trying his best to stay warm! A teddy bear of a cat who will wrap his arms around your neck in gratitude, Bailey is between 4 and 6 years of age, and all he is asking for is a quieter home with which to share his love. His extraordinary good looks would only be the icing on the cake!


oreo-luna (1).jpg

Oreo was named by a 12 year old, not for her color, but because she is so sweet! This little white with gray kitten was born to a family who gave her and her litter mates away before they were old enough to understand what happened, went through a few rough spots with her new family of toddlers spinning her around by her tail, and somehow, luckily she landed with Friends of Felines.

That was a lucky day indeed for both Oreo and FOF, because this little girl is more than just sweet - she's smart. Oreo is teaching her new foster home to play patty cake and fetch, and she gives great kisses right on your nose. Adorable!



Meet Blizzard, a beautiful, mostly white girl with an adorable spill of gray over her head and tail. Still under one year old, Blizzard's full enough of kitten energy that's thankfully tempered with the good manners and rational thinking that comes with a little maturity. And no kidding, that's the best of both worlds! But can she ever go after a laser light? Yes, she sure can! And smartly play fetch as well as a canine? Yes, she does that, too. Can she love you like no tomorrow? Yes, and she will!



A life full of head butts, loyalty and love doesn't guarantee a forever home? How could that be? Yes, Jasmine, sometimes families fall apart, and life gets a little frightening, but we can see you're already pulling yourself up by your spanking white spats, so just keep batting those brilliant green eyes and between FOF and OPIN, we'll find you a home.

Jasmine's a gorgeous and smart, black and white tuxedo, not quite 12 years of age, who's just a little shaken by the loss of her home, yet her vibrant personality still shines through. Healthy, wealthy (in looks and style) and wise, this is a gentle lady with lots of love to give.


Candy.jpg Millie.jpg

Friends of Felines is delighted to introduce Candy and Millie. We found Candy in a Greenwich parking lot filled with heavy equipment coming and going all day long. She kept her kittens in a tire right in the parking lot and our thought was, that's not exactly what a feral mom would do!

Millie was a young mom giving birth in a neighborhood near Stamford Hospital that was being torn down, as so many of Stamford's neighborhoods have been.

The two moms met, and reached out to each other and now we are asking you to reach out to them.

They don't need to be adopted together, although that would be nice, but both Candy and Millie are gentle and sweet and the point is, no matter what they have been through (and honestly, having kittens in a heavy construction area on your own can't be easy) , they are each gentle and loving beings who deserve a good home.


granite.jpg dynamite2.jpg gravel and charcoal.jpg

What's sleeker, smarter or more special than a shiny black kitten? A whole litter, that's what! Meet Granite, Dynamite, and Gravel & Charcoal and get ready to giggle! This choir of babies is in perfect sync. When one purrs, his siblings chime in. If one wants to play, they all want to play. If one shows you his belly, they all roll over. Want one to sit next to you? Call him, the rest follow suit!

Some can go as singles, some as ready-made pairs, but all should be looking for their own homes soon. Ruby (who declined to have her picture taken) and Granite are girls, the rest are all boys!



Welcome Rosie, a long legged beauty with brilliant green eyes wrapped up in a gorgeous brown tabby coat. Why on earth someone would drop a cat like Rosie off in parking lot, leaving her to find her own way, all by herself, just boggles Friends of Felines' collective mind!

Nevertheless, Rosie's a young, smart, affectionate, and well mannered pretty jewel of a girl who surely won't take long to find herself a home. And a real home, at that!


maggiebecky (1).jpg

A sweet, front declawed calico kitty named Maggie with an adorable brown spot on her nose, was found wandering the streets of Stamford, abandoned and injured. She’s been nursed back to perfect health and has quickly become a Friends of Felines Favorite. Ready to enjoy indoor living, at 10 years of age, Maggie is long overdue for the loving home she's always wanted.

Happiest with human companionship, Maggie's optimistically looking towards the new life she's sure she will find. She's waiting for this one chance to start her life over, maybe with you?



A true tortie, this little girl is between 6 and 8 years of age and is as quiet as a mouse until you touch her - then the low and pleasant rumble of purring revs up to a motoring level, her head tips into your hand, and you have just made yourself a really good friend.

If you are a shy and quiet type and would rather not stand up in front of a room full of people to give a speech, you might recognize yourself in our humble and gentle Bonnie; a sweet yet brave cat who found herself tossed outside and lived to tell her tale.

We don't know if Bonnie is OK with other animals, but we know for sure she is OK with love, and if you or someone you know has any of that to share, Bonnie has her paw raised - she'll take it!



Lolly is looking for a cat whisperer because she's had so much loss so far. Her human kids go off to college, her human Dad moves in with a friend, her best dog friend finds a new home, and her best kitty friend passes away. Then Lolly gets left behind in a big, empty house for sale, with only a neighbor and real estate agent coming in to feed her. On her own for six months! No wonder Lolly's looking at us sideways - what's next?

A bit temperamental (and who can blame her?) four year old Lolly is just about the most beautiful tabby ever seen, and she's really smart - too smart to put up with this nonsense! Lolly needs a soft gentle touch, reassurance, and a whisper in her ear that yes, she will be loved and no, she won't be left behind. Not this time.

Give this kitty a chance to get out of her cage and into a real home. She deserves it.



Meet Miko, an adorable kitten with a silver tabby coat, green eyes and white paws. This boy was found "hunting" through garbage cans for something he could eat and when he came up with nothing, sat down and meowed loudly and pathetically until FOF scooped him up! Gentle, yet playful, Miko's all checked out by his vet and is ready for his very own home.


A totally beautiful, cheerful, all-gray youngster, Bert is a lovable goofball. Call his name and not only does he come, he tells you he's arrived with a quiet "Ow" and an inquisitive tilt of his head.

He chatters happily at birds he sees out the window, and is excited to share that experience with you, pressing his face against yours, expecting you to chatter along with him.

A purr-machine without a stop button, Bert loves to cuddle and share everything but his food, which he still thinks will go away if he takes his head out of his bowl.

Bert has a slight neurological quirk - possibly caused by a trauma to his head - that keeps his left eye from closing. Blink at Bert, and he winks back with one eye! All Bert needs is a drop or two of drugstore "artificial tears" a day to make him right. You will never meet a cat who is so easy medicate - he seems to think you are picking him up to hug him, so he just purrs then runs off to play!

Bert is one of our favorites, looking for a home bursting with the same love and optimism he has.