star new - 2016-03-03 at 16-39-54.jpg

Star's just nine years of age. She was abandoned in a carrier at a pet supply store and for two years since she's been waiting and hoping and wanting to find her very own home. She's a bit arthritic (and won't we all get there) yet she loves to play. Her unique voice sounds crabby, but she's just talking - there's not a mean bone in this kitty! Her favorite things are chasing feathers on a stick and cuddling up with her person to watch TV. Our favorite thing would be to find this proud and beautiful tuxedo girl her very own home.


Snoopy1 - 2017-02-25 at 16-19-53.jpg

You have got to meet Snoopy! He's young and he's handsome. He's adorably, mildly cross-eyed. He's affectionate and quietly playful. And when he wants your attention, he just squeaks!

Snoopy was one of 11 abandoned cats stuffed into a crate yet he's still that good hearted guy looking for love.

He'd be a purr-fect match with a gentle cat, or he could be your one and only.


Jules - 2016-12-23 at 21-18-17.jpg

Meet Jules, a just under a year, all black, beautifully sleek and playful girl who loves kisses and cuddles, and just general goofing around. She really likes other cats, too and once she gets to know you, she'll like you as much!

A really good girl, Jules was once homeless, but this smart kitty knows which side her bread is buttered on. Give her that one chance she's been waiting for and she'll always belong to you!


Schroeder2 - 2017-01-14 at 16-56-44.jpg

Schroeder was one of 11 cats stuffed into a crate and left on a sidewalk. You might think that experience and everything leading up to it would affect anyone in an adverse kind of way, but not our boy Schroeder! This youngster is a love. He'll quietly talk until you notice him, then affectionately show his good will towards all with a gentle head bump. He's playful yet he's calm, he's intelligent and thoughtful. And that smooth grey and white tuxedo coat? It's just the icing on this guy's cake!


Cowboy1 - 2017-01-14 at 15-24-48.jpg Cowboy3 - 2017-01-14 at 15-17-02.jpg

If you'd once found yourself abandoned in a busy parking lot would you rise above it? Cowboy did! But then everything about this cat is great. From his chubby cheeks to his gloriously polydactyl feet, this curious and confident boy wants to be part of whatever you're doing. Unless he's busy being a little silly. Good with other cats and children? Probably. Not much rattles this Cowboy's cage!


Marty - 2017-02-11 at 17-30-50.jpg

He's intriguing, our handsome young boy named Marty! He loves to have his belly rubbed (most cats don't) and he loves to play (most cats do). And when he's done with his belly rubs and his very entertaining games, he manages to find the strangest places to crash in - like flower pots. A little shy, a lot gentle, a huge personality!


Whistle new 2.jpg

Whistle new 1.jpg

We're just beginning to understand who Whistle is and when you see these pictures, you can definitely see a glimmer of hope. We know he was never happy to be surrendered. He's grown into a big and handsome boy with us, so we gave him our largest kennel, but still, Whistle's sad. He doesn't want a kennel. This handsome tabby youngster wants a home of his own and he deserves to find one!


riki 1.jpg

Riki's an awesome orange and white boy who loves his new life as a rescued kitty. He adores kisses, toy mice and anything he can toss outside his kennel to be sure you are paying attention to him - an endlessly happy youngster we'd love to pair with another fun loving and gentle feline friend to pal around with.




Simon and Alvin were left outside one early, rainy morning with only a note asking for someone to care for them.

These two adorable and friendly brothers turned out to be loving and forgiving, and endlessly entertaining. And now Simon and Alvin are on the lookout for that permanent, loving and happy home they are pretty sure they deserve.


Miss P 1.jpg

Meet Ms. P. She's an adorable cuddle bug and a goofball! Once a kitten found outside with absolutely no use of her hind legs, Ms. P. was so cheerful and bursting with life we had to give her a chance. Now at six months of age, this beautiful calico tabby girl walks a bit like a drunken sailor, but her legs are firmly beneath her. She runs and she plays and pretends to kill her toy mouse with as much joy as any kitten. Then after her "kill" the best thing about Ms. P. is she just loves to be loved.


Mystery_.jpg Mystery 2.jpg

Black cats are sleek. They're fun and they're smart and their coat goes with everything in your closet. But beyond that, each of their personalities are uniquely their own.

So please meet our girl Mystery. If you've always wanted just one gorgeous, enthusiastic and happy kitty to make your life complete, you really need to meet this very special girl. Humans only please - cats or dogs need not apply!


Siri 2 - 2016-07-30 at 15-10-07.jpg
Welcome sleek Suri, a gorgeously regal yet funny young girl - just bursting with personality and absolute joy for life and for love. Once a too-young mom on a rickety porch with a box for a shelter, this kitty finally found refuge with FOF and now she's ready to live and to love in a home of her own.