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October 03, 2017


Reid 1 - 2017-09-16 at 22-58-23.jpg

This is Reid.
It's largely agreed,
that he's a wonderful chap.
Handsome and sweet,
he's light on his feet,
and always up for a nap.

A soft marbled tabby,
he never feels crabby,
he's silly and playful, but mellow.
Adopt him today,
adopt a second to play,
with this bright, gentlemanly fellow.

Posted by Nick at 09:03 PM


Griff update - 2017-09-16 at 22-51-23.jpg

A beautifully marbled tabby youngster with awesome polydactyl mitts, meet our one-of-a-kind Griff and fall in love! Always gentle and often silly, Griff's looking for a home with another young, sweet kitty to goof around with when he wants and cuddle when he doesn't. Neutered, negative for feline viruses and microchipped, this good looking boy has a funny and unique personality you won't want to pass by. He might kill that ball but that's as fresh as he gets!

Posted by Nick at 09:00 PM


Rudy c - 2017-08-30 at 15-38-44.jpg

Sprout c - 2017-08-30 at 16-59-23.jpg

Rudy and Sprout are playful brothers. Their favorite toys are mice that rattle, colorful springs, balls that jingle, tunnels and cat trees. But their most favorite thing is people. They purr all the time and they love to cuddle. Both boys are affectionate and gentle, well socialized and really cute.

They'd be great adopted together but they can be adopted separately as well. As long as they have the attention, the toys, and love, Rudy and Sprout will be happy.

Posted by Nick at 08:55 PM


Nessus 2 - 2017-07-29 at 13-45-01.jpg

Meet Nessus, a sometimes goofy, big handsome tabby born to cuddle, adoringly give head bumps and warmly curl up on your lap. You can do anything with this boy. Whether you watch football or soap operas, good natured Nessus will never complain. He'll love what you love but he'll love you best.

Posted by Nick at 08:52 PM