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September 09, 2017


Liza 1 - 2017-08-29 at 04-42-45.jpg

We know that somebody cared for Eliza as a house-cat. She’s clean, well-fed, declawed (front), and very sad. Why sad? Because someone abandoned her in a carrier on the sidewalk, leaving her scared and alone.

Friends of Felines has taken her in and is giving her loving attention to encourage her to eat and help her feel safe. Eliza is a sweet and gentle senior. Are you the kind and patient person who will give her a new home and show her that love can happen again?

Posted by Nick at 08:44 PM


Spruce and Grove 1 - 2017-09-09 at 20-15-05 (1).jpg birch 1 - 2017-09-09 at 20-15-02 (1).jpg

Meet Spruce, always the greeter who will meet you at the door and the affectionate big sister to her more subtle, sweet sister Grove and her coy, smart and endlessly charming brother Birch.

Affectionate, playful, relaxed and good with well behaved children and other cats. These babies are in need of a home.

Posted by Nick at 08:41 PM


Chance 2 - 2017-08-29 at 04-20-10.jpg

ABBA got it right when they sang “take a chance on me”… This handsome gentleman is just looking for a warm lap and some kind attention in his senior years. His most recent human passed away and the one before abandoned him outside in a carrier. Chance is now 15 and ever hopeful.

Take a chance on an all black kitty. Rumor has it they are extra loving. Take a chance on an old boy. He’s lived through it all and is still so affectionate, gentle and good. Take a chance on a green-eyed cat. They sparkle and show how healthy and intelligent he is. Take a chance on Chance.

Posted by Nick at 08:36 PM


iris and gryphone zack - 2017-08-07 at 12-35-08.jpg

Brought in from a hoarding situation, this brother-sister duo is as close as close can be. That means they need a home together. That also means that you get two new best friends to love and play with. Iris is a dignified, calm lady. Gryphon is a handsome, mischievous rogue. Put them together and just see how funny, playful, and affectionate they are.

Now, some might think that being born with a shortened hind leg (Iris' left, Gryphon's right) might make them shy or lessen their love of life. NOT AT ALL. These two get around just fine, doing what other young cats do – running, playing, and keeping a tidy litter box. Are you ready for their double stuff?

Posted by Nick at 08:29 PM


George 1 - 2017-07-29 at 15-07-26.jpg

This three-year-old boy is one gorgeous George. He’s a little shy, and who wouldn’t be after being left on a sidewalk in a cat-carrier? But he’s a trusting guy and willing to give new people a try. And we suspect he has a big personality behind his watchful façade. Speak nicely to him, and don’t make any sudden movements (it seems someone wasn’t very nice to him), and he’ll reward you by coming over to see you.

He’s open to trying again with a new person. Are you that person able to open your heart and home for this striking brown tabby with the mesmerizing green eyes?

Posted by Nick at 08:27 PM


Miss Kitty 3 - 2017-08-14 at 10-31-48.jpg

Vanna Gogh is missing only two things in life. Her right ear (which was already torn off when a caring person found her) and a loving, forever home. She doesn’t miss her ear and can still hear. But she does need a wonderful, adoring home.

Such a sweet and confident kitten, eager for attention and grateful that Friends of Felines helped her feel better when she needed surgery, antibiotics and pain medication. And now she needs YOU to love her, play with her, and tell her what a pretty little thing she is.

Posted by Nick at 08:24 PM