August 18, 2017


hermes goofball.jpg

You've got to meet Hermes, a tom cat once fighting for love and territory but now a loving and super playful boy. After a simple neuter, antibiotics, warm compresses to multiple injuries, then weeks of blessed sleep this lover of life felt sweet relief. Then he tested positive for FIV and that may put some people off but it really doesn't need to. FIV only means he needs good food and a loving home but that's what we ask for all of our cats anyway.

Hermes loves people. He greets every person with a big head bump. He zooms through tunnels and around corners like a cat with his tail on fire. He's silly, he's affectionate, he's confident yet he's calm and yes, he can be an awesome companion to you, another cat, or a dog. Hermes has an outstanding personality and there's nothing scary about him or his FIV status. There's no reason he won't live a long and happy life. We don't deal in myths. We have the real story on FIV. Don't overlook this handsome and silly cat who loves life and will love you, too. Ask us for the real story on FIV.

Here is a link to more information on FIV click here

Posted by Nick at August 18, 2017 02:12 PM