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April 02, 2017


Hermes 2 - 2017-02-25 at 17-09-02.jpg

You've got to meet Hermes, a once reluctant tomcat fighting for love and territory who magically transformed into a goofy, loving, laid back boy looking for nothing riskier than a couch and a person to share head bumps with. A simple neuter, antibiotics, warm compresses to multiple injuries, then weeks of blessed sleep were sweet relief for this lover! All good news for such a great kitty, then he tested positive for FIV. A cat with FIV might put some off but not us!

We know Hermes will live a long and heathy life given good food and love, and that's what we want for all our cats anyway. Ask us about the real story on FIV, cats who deserve a home, and outstanding feline personalities because that's who our Hermes is!

Posted by Nick at April 2, 2017 01:56 PM