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November 21, 2016


riki 1.jpg

Riki's an awesome orange and white boy who loves his new life as a rescued kitty. He adores kisses, toy mice and anything he can toss outside his kennel to be sure you are paying attention to him - an endlessly happy youngster we'd love to pair with another fun loving and gentle feline friend to pal around with.

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Simon and Alvin were left outside one early, rainy morning with only a note asking for someone to care for them.

These two adorable and friendly brothers turned out to be loving and forgiving, and endlessly entertaining. And now Simon and Alvin are on the lookout for that permanent, loving and happy home they are pretty sure they deserve.

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Miss P 1.jpg

Meet Ms. P. She's an adorable cuddle bug and a goofball! Once a kitten found outside with absolutely no use of her hind legs, Ms. P. was so cheerful and bursting with life we had to give her a chance. Now at six months of age, this beautiful calico tabby girl walks a bit like a drunken sailor, but her legs are firmly beneath her. She runs and she plays and pretends to kill her toy mouse with as much joy as any kitten. Then after her "kill" the best thing about Ms. P. is she just loves to be loved.

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Mystery_.jpg Mystery 2.jpg

Black cats are sleek. They're fun and they're smart and their coat goes with everything in your closet. But beyond that, each of their personalities are uniquely their own.

So please meet our girl Mystery. If you've always wanted just one gorgeous, enthusiastic and happy kitty to make your life complete, you really need to meet this very special girl. Humans only please - cats or dogs need not apply!

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November 20, 2016

HELP FOF and Enjoy a Cat Book Inspired by a Real Cat!

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 12.09.55 PM.png

... a real, once-homeless cat, in fact. His name is Boo and he’s the inspiration for Stamford author Jon Saunders' book, "Nine Lives on the Street." It’s the frequently funny and often exciting story of a cat’s struggle to survive on the streets of New York. Perfect for cat lovers of all ages, "Nine Lives on the Street" is available at the Just Cats Store, 1029 East Main Street in Stamford.

And when you buy a copy, a portion of the proceeds goes to Friends of Felines. So you’ll not only get a good book inspired by a real cat, you’ll be doing something really good for cats.

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November 01, 2016

THEODORA - Adopted October, 2016

Theodora1 (1).jpg

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