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February 01, 2006

GOLDIE - Adopted February, 2006


We received this heartwarming email from "Goldie's" new family:


The first night I brought her home, she found comfort in my teddy bear "Spencer", so I thought it appropriate to change her name to "Spencer".

It only took a couple of days for Spencer and my other cat Juice to become friends. They get along great and they are constantly trying to learn new things about one another. They have become quite the pair and they share everything.

Spencer has made herself right at home and is very affectionate with everyone. She is quite the jumper and loves to explore every spot in the house.

Spencer loves to purr (loudly), lay in our laps and just can't enough of us petting and rubbing her. She is very lovable and we just adore her! Spencer is now part of our family and will never have to worry about being without love, care or a permanent home ever again.

Thank you again Friends of Feline's!!

Posted by Becky at February 1, 2006 10:00 PM