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March 29, 2005



(Prelude to kitten season)

When Pee Wee was a kitten, he found himself homeless, wandering from door to door in search of handouts, shelter, and most of all, companionship.

No one was willing to take him in, but a few people were willing to feed him. Some of the elderly ladies in the neighborhood even let Pee Wee sit on their laps, which Pee Wee seemed to appreciate almost as much as his meals.

In the winter, everyone who knew and loved Pee Wee built him a shelter that kept him warm and dry enough, but still, no one would give him what he really wanted – a home.

We were called to trap Pee Wee after one of the elderly ladies noticed he was limping very badly. It was late in the winter and that time of year when tomcats fight with each other for love and territory, and since no one had thought to have Pee Wee neutered, he had suddenly found himself in that position, too.

We trapped poor Pee Wee, who, it turned out, had been limping that badly for weeks, and we brought him to a vet to be treated for his injuries, and neutered.

But first, we had Pee Wee tested for feline leukemia, since he had been fighting so seriously with other cats.

Sadly, but not so surprisingly, Pee Wee tested positive.

So, what do you do with an outside, unowned cat who is not really tame, but not really wild…a cat you secretly hoped someone would fall in love with while he was recovering from his wounds, so he could finally get to live inside with a real family…

…a cat that tests positive for feline leukemia?

Pee Wee died in the Spring. He wasn’t much more than a year old.

He never found a home, but we hope he did find peace.

Sweet dreams, Pee Wee.

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March 20, 2005

LITTLE PIANO - Adopted April, 2006


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STRAWBERRY - Adopted April, 2006


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